Professor Shengquan Yu and Research Team Attend the 31st ISO/IEC JTC1/SC36 International Standardization Conference at South Korea

In order to broaden the international horizons of the center¡¯s research team and enhance international influence of the center in the field of education, Professor Shengquan Yu, Executive Director of Advanced Innovation Center for Future Education, Dr. Qing Li and Doctoral student Qi Wang and Dan Wang, along with other representatives of the National International Information Standardization Committee and other international standardization participants, went to Seoul and Daegu in South Korea to attend the 31st ISO/IEC JTC1/SC36 International Standardization Conference from June 16 to 22, 2018.


This International Standardization Conference consists of open forum and working groups meeting. On the afternoon of 16th June, an open forum for the conference was held at the Seoul Digital Foundation. The forum invited five international experts to report under the theme of Digital Literacy. As one of the keynote speakers of the open forum, Professor Shengquan Yu gave a keynote speech entitled ¡°Future Roles of Artificial Intelligent Teacher¡± and introduced the research projects of the Advanced Innovation Center for Future Education (AICFE) and related research results, which were highly praised by international experts.


Figure 1: Professor Shengquan Yu delivering a keynote speech


Figure 2: Group photo of Chinese delegation and some international representatives


From 18th to 22nd, June, the plenary meeting and WGs meeting of this International Standards Conference was held in Daegu, South Korea. During this period, Dr. Qi Wang at the WG4 (Working Group 4) reported the working international standardization research project ¨C Ubiquitous Learning Resource Organization and Description Framework (SC36/WG4 23216). Dr. Wang introduced the progress of the research and discussed with international experts. WG4 meeting confirmed the participating experts of 23126 standardized work, including: Jerry Leeson, Pierre-Julien Guay, Simone Laughton, Jaeho Lee, Tore Hoel, Erlend Overby, Mohamed Ally, Mingzhuo Liu. The working group decided to hold monthly online meeting to promote the progress of this work.


Figure 3: Dr. Qi Wang reports standardized project ¨C Learning Cell


It is noteworthy that, with the efforts of AICFE¡¯s research team, next international standardization conference will be held at Beijing Normal University in 2019. Yuntao Yu on behalf of Chinese delegation invited all the participants to International Standardization Conference 2019 at Beijing.


Figure 4: Teacher Yuntao Yu sends a meeting invitation to the representatives of the plenary session