Beijing Advanced Innovation Center for Future Education

Discussion on the progress of developing discipline-based test tools

    To further learn and follow up the progress of developing discipline-based test tools, a discussion meeting was held at 13.30 pm 10th, April in the room 208, Studio Building in order to ensure an on-time on-line application of technological platform. This meeting involved all discipline chiefs and assistants participating in.


Picture 1 All attendees

     First of all, the person in charge of the project, Professor Lei Wang introduced the purpose of this discussion meeting, that is, following up the progress of developing overall discipline test tools and discussing the problems encountered during the process. After that, all discipline chiefs and assistants (including Tongyan Wang, Prof. Yiming Cao, Prof. Chunxia Qi, Prof. Jianwang and Yao Zhi) presented the tests and reported the development progress.

Picture 2 Prof. Lei Wang is discussing discipline accomplishment with attendees

     After the presentation, Prof. Lei Wang had a fierce discussion with attendees on testing time, scores, test coding and the proportion of ABC levels and reached an agreement, which paved the way for future test tools development.

Picture 3 Prof. Jiang Wang reported the progress of the discipline of biology

During the meeting, the center issued project specifications for each discipline, guaranteeing the follow-up work for them.

Picture 4 The Design Director, Yu Zhao from Tstudy China introducing the use of lattice pen

In addition, this meeting invited the Design Director, Yu Zhao, Tstudy China to introduce how to use smart lattice pen, and this practice aroused general interest of attendees and provided multiple choices to future testing.

Picture 5 Ms. Xiaoqing Li and all discipline assistants exchanged ideas after meeting


Ms. Xiaoqing Li and all discipline assistants and academic staff in the center further discussed the coding of test tools and quality specification of each discipline after the meeting.